Trondheim - Kristiansund

Monday 1st October - Day 11

This morning we wake up in Trondheim. We are tired from being on deck at 3 am for an hour or so last night and so we wake later than normal and only get time for a very quick stroll in the town before the boat departs at 10 am. We wander down the river in the sunshine and look at the boats old and new lining the water’s edge. It’s a very pretty scene. We are disappointed that we won’t get to spend more time here or spend any money – especially arriving this time on a day when the shops are open.

Today seems very much like a time for relaxing. There are no other major stops again today and so we sit up on deck in the sunshine and read and watch the rolling hills and mountains pass us by. Had we only been visiting this part of Norway, we would have oohed and aahed at the scenery, yet due to the dramatic nature of what we’ve already seen, we have become somewhat blasé about it. I guess it’s all about comparisons.

It’s a very gentle day on board ship and now I feel happy that tomorrow I will be having my final day here and heading home. As they say, the reasons that many things are good is that they must come to an end. Often it is in the ending that you appreciate what you have had.

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